Brigitte Sampogna tends to explore how our lived realities affect the ways in which we interact and exist in the world. She analyzes how the everyday functional object can become a metaphor for the deepest inner workings of the self. These objects often intersect with domestic attitudes. Exploring further into this mundane, she seeks to understand the true weight of the in-between of moments. With a BFA in integrated Media from OCAD University her artistic sensibility has been to explore new techniques, while integrating past experience in video, installation, photo, sewing and crafting.  

            Brigitte produces film and video frequently alongside creative partner and artist, Justin Mezzapelli. Inhabiting realms of the absurd, the banal, and the domestic, they engage alternative methods of communication. Their work has exhibited locally and internationally.


She has recently completed a residency at The Robert McLaughlin gallery in Oshawa. 

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