Brigitte Sampogna is a multi-media artist and filmmaker. Growing up in the suburbs developed her interest in the banality of life and its function within domesticity. Exploring the mundane, she seeks to understand the in-betweens of moments. Individual perceptions and the subjective reality of lives permeate her work. These themes manifest within video, photo, sewing and craft experimentation.  

            Brigitte frequently collaborates with filmmaking partner and artist Justin Mezzapelli. They often intersect the natural environment and domesticity through recurrent dark humour. Their films examine the subtleties and eccentricities of human behaviours and the oddities of everyday life. They create stories that inhabit realms of the absurd and the banal. Together they focus on writing stories that beg more questions than they intend to answer.

            Brigitte recently completed her BFA in Integrated Media at OCAD University.

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